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praying for mom

Posted by Scott Crevier on February 29, 2012
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Many of you who know me, know also that my mother is battling breast cancer. She is a great woman of courage and unwavering faith. Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997, and beat it. And after 11 years clean, it came back, now attacking her bones. I tell you about her today, because she’ll be having her 4th surgery in 3 years this Friday.

So this week, I’m simply asking for your prayers for my mom, my life hero.


walked Grant St and Suburban Ave

Posted by Scott Crevier on February 26, 2012
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Had a great afternoon, knocking on doors here in District 3. Ran into a few folks who I already knew, and met many others. I’m hoping that my flyer is now on 140+ refrigerators in the area!

walked downtown streets

Posted by Scott Crevier on February 25, 2012
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Put out a batch of yard signs in the area yesterday. I’ll be knocking on neighborhood doors in the coming weeks, but I took the opportunity yesterday afternoon to visit many downtown businesses in the Main Ave and Reid St area. Even though business owners cannot vote for city council (unless they also live in the district), it’s important for me to stay connected with them as they have an obvious stake in what we do. I enjoyed meeting many new folks and appreciated the reception.

campaign gets going this week

Posted by Scott Crevier on February 22, 2012
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Though there are no City of De Pere elected offices that have a primary this year, the primary for a number of other local races was yesterday. And though I’ve been quietly working on my campaign since December, things really get underway this week. I’ve simply been waiting for the primary to pass, so that I don’t confuse anyone about the date of my election. I figure, “one election at a time.”

So, election day is Tuesday, April 3. If you vote at the De Pere Community Center, then we’re in the same district, and I ask for your support. You’ll start to see yard signs in our community in the next few days, and I’ll start knocking on doors to meet residents and business owners this weekend.