two questions voters asked most while campaigning

Posted by Scott Crevier on April 22, 2012
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When I was out knocking on doors, campaigning for city council, I talked to neighbors about literally dozens of topics. But two questions came up numerous times, so I thought I’d answer them here for anyone else who is curious.

Bob Heuvelmans

Bob Heuvelmans

The first actually came in a number of variations, but they were basically, “what don’t you like about Bob Heuvelmans, and what will you do differently?” I made it clear to the voters that I have no beefs with Bob Heuvelmans. I don’t have one of those pushbutton issues that got me upset and caused me to run. I’ve disagreed with Bob on a number of issues, but I’ve been paying attention to our city council for years, and I suppose when you do that, you’re bound to disagree with a number of alderpersons from time to time. I also told voters that generally speaking, I’ve been happy with decisions that the council has made. So, while I certainly understand a voter’s need to find things that differentiate us, I had a difficult time providing that information.

Bob was on the City Council for 4 years, and on the West De Pere School Board for 12 years prior to that. You don’t spend 16 years in elected office without great support from your community. And even our election was no landslide; I won by only 28 votes. So, Bob is well-liked in the community, and I like to think that voters simply had a choice between two good guys. How refreshing.

One other point about this. I made the decision to run back in 2010. From there, it was just a matter of choosing the right time to do it. This year my two oldest daughters will graduate from college and my youngest will graduate from high school. So the timing turned out to be right for me and my family. And truth be told, our district lines were redrawn this year, putting me in Bob’s district. Had they not been redrawn, I might have run against Alderman Bauer. So, I didn’t run because of Bob. I ran because I love De Pere and wanted to be involved in the business of the city.

The second question that voters asked numerous times is, “are you related to the De Pere Creviers?” Actually, folks have been asking me this question for years. And of course they’re referring to Paul and Marie Creviere from the De Pere Journal. The short answer is “yes”, we’re distantly related. While our names are spelled differently, we come from the same family who emigrated from France to Quebec in the 1600s, and then into America 200 years later.

I hope that some day, when people refer to the “De Pere Creviers”, maybe they’ll be referring to me. I’m fully aware that because of Paul and Marie, the Creviere name is very well respected in our community, and I hope to do the name proud.


you did it!

Posted by Scott Crevier on April 03, 2012
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The unofficial results are in, and you did it:

  BOB HEUVELMANS.  .  .  .    402   48.26%
  SCOTT M. CREVIER .  .  .    430   51.62%
  WRITE-IN.  .  .  .  .  .      1     .12%

I can’t thank you enough for your support and your show of confidence in me. I’m told the numbers won’t be official until final counts next week (which will also include any remaining absentee ballots). Assuming these number stand, I hope it’s obvious to you how much your vote counts in these local elections. 28 votes is not a large margin. It’s also evidence of how much support Bob Heuvelmans still has in this district.

I’d like to thank Bob for his years of service. He was on the city council for 4 years, and also on the West De Pere School Board for 12 years prior to that. You don’t put together a string of 16 years in elected office without the support of your community.

Now it’s time to get to work serving this great city!

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it’s up to you, please vote for me tomorrow

Posted by Scott Crevier on April 02, 2012
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Let me tell you about a woman I met on the campaign trail. Her name is Linda. On Saturday, March 10, I knocked on her door in the north part of our district, near the Brown County Fairgrounds. She was very interested in the election and we had a nice discussion on her front porch for about a half hour. She seemed to take an interest in me and my campaign, and offered a number of pieces of advice.

After one of her questions, I started my response, “well, if I’m elected, I will…”, and she immediately interrupted and said, “WHEN you’re elected. Scott, you need to be more confident than that.” Point well taken. I’ve never run for office, and I’m learning a few things as I go.

But I do want to make an important point in defense of my word choice. I am indeed a very confident guy. I believe that I’ve done about all I can do in my campaign. I believe I’ve made good choices about how to let voters know who I am. And I know I’ll represent you well on the De Pere City Council. But this election is not a done deal. Sure, I’m done; my campaign is over. But now comes the most important part. And that’s your part.

I’ve been working hard for 3 months, and I’ve loved it all. I’ve walked the streets, knocked on doors, handed out flyers, placed newspaper ads, spoke at a business breakfast, visited our Fire Dept, had lunch with neighbors, returned phone calls, exchanged e-mails, spent a small chunk of my family’s money, and even just talked to folks informally after church and in the grocery store. I’ve poured my soul into this effort for 3 months. Now it’s up to you, and all you’ve got to do is spend just a few minutes of your time and vote tomorrow.

Nothing I’ve done these past 3 months will mean anything, unless you make your own voice heard. It is our right and obligation to each other, as neighbors here in this great city of De Pere, to vote. Help me make Linda proud, and turn the “if” into a “when”.

The last contested election in this district was won by 47 votes. Your vote here in District 3 counts.

I respectfully ask if you’ll take a few minutes out of your day tomorrow, head over to the De Pere Community Center on Grant and 6th, and vote for me to represent you on the De Pere City Council.

Incidentally, I think I’ve made a new friend in Linda, and I’m proud to say that my yard sign looks great in front of her house.

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finished walking the streets

Posted by Scott Crevier on March 31, 2012
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Well, I’m done. Yesterday and today I visited neighbors on S 6th St, Lande St, Butler St, Martin St, Helena Ave, Allard St, Twilight Dr, Lois St, Apollo Way, Morning Glory Ln, Park St, Sunrise Ct, Sunny View Ct, Reid St, and Main Ave. And that finishes off District 3.

According to my pedometer, I walked over 70 miles in 5 weekends, two days each weekend. My schedule was tight, but I managed to get to every block in District 3. I knocked on over 1,500 doors and if you answered yours, I hope I greeted you with a smile and that you could sense my genuine concern.

The longest I stayed and talked to any one neighbor was an hour, and I did that on 3 occasions. While I certainly didn’t have time to talk to everyone for an hour, I very much appreciated all of you who took any time at all to talk to me. This is why I walked the neighborhoods. This is why I knocked on doors. I learned about your concerns, what you love about De Pere, and what you’d like to see changed.

Several of my friends offered to help me out. I can’t tell you how much those offers meant to me and I hope they weren’t offended when I turned them down. But I’m glad to say that when any of you answered your door, it was my face you saw.

Just today, two different voters told me, “It’s good to put a face to the signs I’ve seen everywhere.” Exactly. That’s what I had hoped to do. I want you to know who I am and how to reach me. I’m a De Pere family man like you, I’m concerned about city services, taxes, water bills, etc, just like you. When I call 911, I expect someone to come, just like you. And like you, I don’t want to mess up the things we love about De Pere.

Residents weren’t the only folks I visited. I also spent a day talking to business owners and managers on Main Ave and Reid St downtown: restaurants, bars, insurance offices, architects, etc. Business owners can’t vote in the city (unless they also live here), but our business community is important to me; it’s important to the success of our city.

Thank you all for answering your doors, and especially to those who took additional time to talk to me and share your questions and concerns. Walking the neighborhoods of northwest De Pere has been an awesome experience!

Now, I hope you’ll do your part and make your voice heard on Tuesday. Please be sure to vote.