District Map

Here’s a Google map that shows District 3. If you live within the red area, you’re in my district:

The city of De Pere is divided into four aldermanic districts. All of us here in District 3 vote at the De Pere Community Center. Here’s a map of the entire city showing the four districts:

De Pere District Map

The east and west sides of town are basically split into north and south districts:

District 1: northeast, vote at First United Presyterian Church
District 2: southeast, vote at St. Francis Xavier Community Center
District 3: northwest, vote at De Pere Community Center
District 4: southwest, vote at St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board also provides a Voter Public Access web site, which can be very helpful. You can simply enter your address to look up your polling location. You can also look up your own voting history.