met many St. Norbert students this weekend

I had another great weekend of knocking on doors. All told, I put 16 miles on my shoes in two days.

On Saturday, I walked the streets in the eastern part of District 3, in the neighborhoods around St. Norbert College. I covered 3rd St, 4th St, Stewart St, Belle Ave, Nicolet Pl, Prospect Pl, College Ave, Jacobs Ct, Marsh St, Lilac Ln, Lande St. In addition to the many permanent residents, I talked to a good number students, most of whom seemed interested in what’s going on. Many are renting houses in the area, while others I spoke to were just out walking on the sidewalks.

Though I work at St. Norbert, I don’t really interact much with students on a daily basis. In the IT department, we don’t have any student employees or interns, so I was glad for the opportunity to introduce myself and talk a little bit about the city. If you were one of those I spoke to, I hope I was able to convey to you that you have  a say in what goes on in the city, and that you should make sure your voice is heard on election day. Our polling location is the De Pere Community Center, only 3 blocks from campus.

Sunday I met residents on Aldrin St, Mollies Way, Estes Dr, Helena St, Pennings Ave, Veronica Ln, Lee Ave, Outward Ave, Amhart Dr, and Westwood Dr. The conversation topics pretty much ran the gamut. Once again, it was great to meet many neighbors and to even touch base with a few old friends.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the notes I’ve taken. These are all concerns and issues that folks have raised. I’ve blurred it a bit to protect the innocent, but you can still get an idea of the amount of transcribing that I do each night when I get home.