it’s up to you, please vote for me tomorrow

Let me tell you about a woman I met on the campaign trail. Her name is Linda. On Saturday, March 10, I knocked on her door in the north part of our district, near the Brown County Fairgrounds. She was very interested in the election and we had a nice discussion on her front porch for about a half hour. She seemed to take an interest in me and my campaign, and offered a number of pieces of advice.

After one of her questions, I started my response, “well, if I’m elected, I will…”, and she immediately interrupted and said, “WHEN you’re elected. Scott, you need to be more confident than that.” Point well taken. I’ve never run for office, and I’m learning a few things as I go.

But I do want to make an important point in defense of my word choice. I am indeed a very confident guy. I believe that I’ve done about all I can do in my campaign. I believe I’ve made good choices about how to let voters know who I am. And I know I’ll represent you well on the De Pere City Council. But this election is not a done deal. Sure, I’m done; my campaign is over. But now comes the most important part. And that’s your part.

I’ve been working hard for 3 months, and I’ve loved it all. I’ve walked the streets, knocked on doors, handed out flyers, placed newspaper ads, spoke at a business breakfast, visited our Fire Dept, had lunch with neighbors, returned phone calls, exchanged e-mails, spent a small chunk of my family’s money, and even just talked to folks informally after church and in the grocery store. I’ve poured my soul into this effort for 3 months. Now it’s up to you, and all you’ve got to do is spend just a few minutes of your time and vote tomorrow.

Nothing I’ve done these past 3 months will mean anything, unless you make your own voice heard. It is our right and obligation to each other, as neighbors here in this great city of De Pere, to vote. Help me make Linda proud, and turn the “if” into a “when”.

The last contested election in this district was won by 47 votes. Your vote here in District 3 counts.

I respectfully ask if you’ll take a few minutes out of your day tomorrow, head over to the De Pere Community Center on Grant and 6th, and vote for me to represent you on the De Pere City Council.

Incidentally, I think I’ve made a new friend in Linda, and I’m proud to say that my yard sign looks great in front of her house.