sworn in tonight

I was sworn in at tonight’s City Council meeting. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my campaign and the election process, I’m glad to put those behind me and finally get to work.

I intend to use my blog to post quick updates on various things happening on the city council, and also at meetings of the two committees on which I serve: Board of Park Commissioners and Board of Public Works. I won’t duplicate what’s already available on the city web site, so I encourage you to use the documents available there; just check periodically and download any meeting agendas and documents that may interest you. I’ve seen numerous situations where citizens have raised concerns or complaints that could have been prevented by just paying attention and speaking up a bit sooner. So please be sure to use all the resources available online.

We had several interesting items on tonight’s agenda. We considered a new ordinance related to what’s called “Social Host Alcohol restrictions“. As you may know, if a parent hosts a party at their home where underage people are drinking, they can be held responsible for the actions of those drinkers. The purpose of this new ordinance to eliminate those situations where a parent might say “well, I was upstairs and I didn’t know that the kids were drinking in the basement.” There are more details than that, so I encourage you to read about it in tonight’s agenda packet. We voted 7-1 in favor of the ordinance, but since it wasn’t unanimous, it’ll come back for a second reading and vote at the next council meeting on May 1.

At the recommendation of Police Chief Beiderwieden, we also voted to accept a Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant from the State of Wisconsin, through the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce, that will allow our police department to do a better job at checking for underage drinkers at our local bars and restaurants.

We also voted against a pedestrian walkway going over Hwy 41 south of Scheuring Rd. This would have gone from the walking path areas called The Preserve over to the Town of Lawrence. The bottom line here is that we just don’t need it.

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