May 1, 2012 City Council mtg notes

Just a few notes from last night’s city council meeting.

We approved a plan to allow Sit and Stay Pet Resort on the city’s southeast side to expand. They’ve only been in business 2 years and it’s great to see them grow and, most importantly, to remain in De Pere.

We also took up the issue of a developer wanting to build three small apartment buildings (40 units total) off Bridge Port Ln, plus several duplexes and single family homes. The property is currently zoned for single family homes only. Nine residents spoke to us for almost an hour against the plan. We also heard from our city planner as well as the builder. We discussed many details about the project, and we decided to table the issue and we’ll take it up again at our next meeting.

We voted to approve a beer license for Wally Dogs, a new restaurant on Main Ave downtown. I’ve been to Wally Dogs many times already and it’s great to see Joel and Calvin doing well in their new endeavor.

We talked a bit about activities of the city’s sustainability committee. They’re looking at a number of great ideas to make us a bit more green. I’ve only been on the city council two weeks, and the most overwheliming thing for me is the volume of paper that I handle. I receive a packet delivered to my house every Saturday morning filled with paper. Everything in it is of course very important, but I’m hoping we can move toward electronic versions of the documents. The interesting thing is that we already have PDF versions of a couple of key documents, for example the agenda and packet (supporting documents) from this week’s meeting are available online. We’ll just need to make the packet more usable (converted documents instead of scanned) so that we can easily search them, and we’ll need to change the process a bit.

This is just a quick synopsis of some of the issues we discussed. As always, related documents and videos are available on the city web site. I encourage you to use those resources to find out more about the issues that are important to you.