met with neighbors near the college

The St. Norbert and West De Pere Neighborhood Association is a group of homeowners near St. Norbert College who meet monthly to talk about concerns and issues in the area. I was very happy that they invited me to attend their meeting tonight at the De Pere Community Center. I met 6 homeowners and we talked about a number of issues. Some of their concerns center around landlords near the college who aren’t taking care of their properties. We also talked about a few events that happen at the college that impact their neighborhood and streets (i.e. commencement). And we talked about general behaviors of some SNC students.

It’s tricky for me as an employee of St. Norbert, so I’m glad that the college also had two representatives there (besides me).

Overall, it was a great meeting. I’m glad I had the chance to meet these folks, and I hope we always have such open and honest conversations.