chicken ordinance, one more vote

At our last city council meeting, we voted 5-3 in favor of the new ordinance to allow residents to keep and raise chickens.

After a little research and a number of conversations with city staff and residents, I decided to vote in favor of this ordinance. You can read more of my thoughts in my blog post from last week.

I was very impressed that three of the citizens who provided feedback at last week’s city council meeting were young people. Henry Kneizl and Sam Alcox both spoke in favor of the ordinance. Cal Konshak couldn’t make it to the meeting so he provided me with a letter to read. We also had a couple of parents speak at the meeting, with everyone being in favor of the ordinance. You may want to watch a video of the meeting to hear all the feedback for yourself.

Since our vote at last week’s meeting was not unanimous, it has to come back for a second vote at our next meeting on Tuesday, July 17. A couple of the alderpersons who voted against this said that they were doing so in order to allow more time for residents to provide feedback.

So, here’s your chance. What do you think about residents being allowed to have chickens?

Leave a reply here, or contact me via Facebook, e-mail or telephone. Or better yet, attend our next meeting and share your thoughts with the entire council.


  • Darrell Ruh

    Please vote against allowing chickens to be raised within the City of De Pere. I have never heard of something so ridiculous. The people in favor can make an attempt to keep chickens on a farm instead of forcing neighbors to put up with this Chicken fiasco.

  • Scott Crevier

    Darrell, as you may have heard, we passed the ordinance at our meeting last week. In your comment here, you only said that it’s “ridiculous” but you didn’t mention any specific concerns. I’m confident that all specific concerns that were raised to me are covered in the ordinance. And I definitely heard plenty of feedback in favor of approving it. Thanks for sharing your concern!