rummage sale ordinance, one more vote

At our last city council meeting, we voted 7-1 in favor of the new rummage sale ordinance. Since it wasn’t unanimous, it has to come back for a second vote at our next meeting on Tuesday, July 17.

The ordinance basically says that a resident can’t have more than 3 rummage sales per year. The main issue that I see is that since rummage sales always attract many cars and increased traffic in our neighborhoods, we want to limit those events. And since I’ve got first hand experience with such an ordinance when we lived in California, I’m in favor of it. We can’t have neighbors running businesses out of their garage, disguised as rummage sales.

I have since gotten some feedback from one neighbor with a few concerns. At our next meeting, I’ll inquire further into one of those concerns about how we’ll enforce this. But since we have another 8 days until that meeting, I’m hoping that you’ll also give me some feedback.

How do you feel about this?

Leave a reply here, or contact me via Facebook, e-mail or telephone. Or better yet, attend our next meeting and share your thoughts with the entire council.