county board didn’t work out for me

I want to let you know what happened with the vacant Brown County Board seat. As you may have known, Kris Schuller has represented a significant portion of the city of De Pere on the Brown County Board. He resigned last month due to a new job. So the county board needs a replacement.

I decided to submit my name for consideration. Unfortunately, it was around this time that my mother got sick and passed away. And given the circumstances, the timing just wasn’t right for me to take on the added responsibility of serving on the County Board. So on Thursday, September 6 I called Pat Moynihan, County Board President, and withdrew my name. I have never met Pat, but I found him to be very gracious and understanding.

I was also happy to know that there were 7 other folks who submitted their name to serve out Schuller’s term. For what it’s worth, I gave Pat a plug for Alan Jamir. I’ve known Alan for a number of years. He’s a good and decent man who contributes well in our community, especially to our young folks.

I appreciate the support that the community has offered me regarding the county board position. I especially appreciate the other local elected officials who put in a good word for me. Though the county board position won’t work out for me right now, I still enjoy serving you as alderman on the De Pere City Council. And I look forward to doing so for years to come.