keeping up with Main Ave

Perhaps you know by now that Main Ave under Hwy 41 was completely closed on Monday. It’ll be that way for 60 days while WisDOT works on Hwy 41 construction in our district. While we all figure out new ways to navigate our way through town, I thought I’d take this opportunity to address some concerns that several of you have raised in recent weeks regarding traffic on and near Main Ave.

Main Ave serves as our major link from the highway going east to the downtown area and across the bridge. So of course it’s a very important corridor that must be maintained and updated. We had some significant construction on Main a number of years ago that widened the road in certain spots and added left turn lanes at 9th St (near Walgreens).

Two of you have asked me about our future plans for Main Ave. In talking with our director of public works, I have learned that we will be looking at some significant reconstruction of Main Ave between 8th St (near CVS) and the Claude Allouez Bridge in about 5 years. No definitely plans at this point, but you should rest assured knowing that this is an issue that our city staff is on top of.

One resident also expressed concern to me about the lane markings on 8th St at Main Ave. When going either north or south on 8th, we have two lanes to cross Main Ave. From each lane, you can either turn or go straight. There are no dedicated right or left turn lanes at this intersection. The new CVS pharmacy just opened up at Main and 8th earlier this week, and our director of public works tells me that we’ll be watching the traffic patterns at this intersection over the coming months. Again, there are no definite plans for changes, but as traffic continues to change, our city staff will be monitoring the situation and proposing changes as necessary.

I’ve been on the city council for 5 months now, also serving on the board of public works. In that time, I’ve worked with folks in our public works department on a number of issues, and I’ve found them to be very cooperative and, most importantly, very good at what they do. I’m confident that we’ll continue to monitor the Main Ave corridor to insure it meets the changing needs of our community.

If you have additional concerns about traffic on Main Ave or any similar issue, please don’t hesitate to let me know.