Main Ave construction update

I gave you a bit of an update on Main Ave in my Sep 19 post, and I’ve got some new info I’d like to share.

First, as you know, Main Ave at Hwy 41 has been closed as part of the Hwy 41 construction since September 17. According to today’s news release from WisDOT, it will reopen this Friday morning, November 16, at 6:00am. Also opening at this time is the park and ride on Lawrence Drive at Main Ave (adjacent to Festival Foods), as well as the Ashland Ave median at Parkview Rd (by Drift Inn).

Second, at our Board of Public Works meeting tonight, we discussed a plan by the WisDOT to reconstruct Hwy 32 on the west side of the river. Driving from the bridge, Hwy 32 goes west on Main Ave, then north on 8th Ave (at the Mobil Station) to Ashland Ave. Here’s the WisDOT web page that describes the project:

Note on the above page the map that highlights the road that will be reconstructed.

This project is in the very preliminary stages, but since a few residents have asked me, I want to tell you what I know. 8th St, from Ash St to Main Ave, is expected to be reconstructed in 2018. Then Main Ave, from the bridge to 8th St is expected to be reconstructed the following year, in 2019. This includes a complete rebuild of the Main Ave/8th St intersection, with new lane markings, turn lanes, etc. It is likely that we will still have traffic signals at this intersection (no roundabout) due to the available land, and that we’ll have 4 lanes going under the railroad bridge on Main Ave.

If you’d like to watch tonight’s meeting video, here’s the link:

Please keep in mind that at this point, these reconstruction plans are only preliminary.