sex offender residency ordinance, on the agenda again

We’re voting on the sex offender residency ordinance again at this Tuesday’s City Council meeting. It sure seems like we’re talking about this a lot, so let me just give you a run down on what’s happened at previous meetings.

Tue Jan 15: We heard a report on the effectiveness of our sex offender residency ordinance. Police Chief Derek Beiderweiden spoke, along with Jed Neuman, the Sex Offender Registry supervisor for the Wisconsin Dept of Corrections. Based on their reports and recommendations, I asked that we add the repeal of our ordinance to our next meeting agenda.

Wed Feb 5: I moved that we approve the repeal of our ordinance, Ald. Bauer seconded it. We voted 5-2 in favor of repealing the ordinance. Voting for for repeal were Bauer, Boyd, Crevier, Kneiszel and Robinson. Voting against repeal were Lueck and Van Vonderen. Ald. Donovan was absent. Since the vote was not unanimous, it gets thrown out and we must vote again at our next meeting.

Tue Feb 20: I moved that we repeal the ordinance, Ald. Boyd seconded it. We discussed the issue, and then before we had a chance to vote, Ald Lueck moved to table the issue for a month. He wants to get more data from the state. The vote to table passed 4-3. Voting in favor of tabling it were Boyd, Donovan, Lueck and Van Vonderen. Voting against tabling it were Bauer, Crevier and Kneiszel. Ald. Robinson was absent.

Tue Mar 19: This will be our second attempt at the second vote.

For more details on my feelings about this ordinance, read my Feb 5 blog post.

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  • Scott Crevier

    At last night’s meeting, we voted 5-3 in favor of repealing our sex offender residency ordinance. Voting in favor of repeal were me, Bauer, Boyd, Kneiszel and Robinson. Voting against repeal were Lueck, Donovan and VanVonderen. This vote was final. The ordinance is repealed.