no feedback on another downtown restaurant

On the City Council agenda this Tuesday night is a liquor license approval for the new El Presidente Mexican Restaurant at 500 Main Ave. This is that brand new building on the corner of Main and 5th (across from Royal Cleaners). I don’t have any specific concerns.

This is not a vote on whether the business should be there or not. But I’m curious why I haven’t heard any comments from residents or downtown business owners about yet another restaurant opening up, or yet another establishment selling liquor. When the new Walgreen’s plan came to light, we heard a lot of feedback, especially from downtown business owners, that they didn’t want another pharmacy downtown because we already had one, and that there were similar businesses within a mile or two. Well, we already have a couple of Mexican restaurants within a mile or two of this new one, and there are other types of restaurants and bars much closer, but I haven’t heard any concerns.

To be clear, I’m perfectly fine with it. I look forward to dining there with my wife, who loves Mexican food. But the lack of concern and feedback is strange given all the objections to Walgreen’s.