mayoral forum summary

Tonight, I attended the De Pere mayoral candidate forum at the Kress Family Library, hosted by the League of Women Voters. Mayor Mike Walsh and former assistant fire chief Jim Stupka answered questions submitted by attendees. Adam Rodewald, a government reporter from the Green Bay Press-Gazette, was in attendance and live-tweeted.

Of course his tweets are no more than 140 characters, but I think he did a nice job of summarizing the candidates responses to the questions. So, to give you a sense of how the forum went, I listed the topic of each question below, along with Adam’s corresponding tweets.

southern bridge

drinking water quality/lead

downtown river boat

downtown cultural center

use of excess stadium sales tax rebate

roundabout by McDonalds on Main Ave

swimming pools

downtown in 10 years

success of Riverwalk

closing statements, why running, goals

Please be sure to vote on April 5.