Happy Easter

In matters related to the city, I’ve touched on religion and my faith once or twice in the past. When I do that, it’s not my intent to push my faith on anyone. Rather, it’s part of my mission to make sure that as I talk about issues that affect our community, I also reflect back to you a bit about who I am and what makes me tick. I believe it’s that transparency and honesty that helps you to understand why I make the decisions I do and vote the way I do.

With that said, I hope you’ll accept my wishes for a very happy and hopeful Easter for you and your family. I believe that Jesus died for my sins, and more importantly, that he rose to give us all hope. I believe in God’s unending love and mercy for each of us. And whether you’re a fellow Christian, or a neighbor of perhaps a different faith, or even someone with little or no faith in God, I hope you’ll agree that we all have room in our lives for someone who has our back, someone who’s there for us to pick us up when we screw up.

Times are tough. Times are even more tough for many of us. But today, there is hope. Today, there is great reason for us to believe that better times are ahead of us. But we can’t just sit here and wait for it to happen. We’ve got to actively pursue a community where we all can enjoy the things that make us happy. We’ve got to actively participate in making our neighborhoods safe and warm and comfortable. We have to actually use our individual talents to improve our city and leave our kids with a place they’re truly proud of. I don’t know a neighbor who doesn’t absolutely love De Pere. We’ve got a pretty good thing going here in our little town on the river, don’t we?

So in the coming year, let’s work well together, no matter our faith or political backgrounds. If nothing else, please share your thoughts with me about how we’re doing on the city council. Are our specific actions reflecting your needs? Is there more we can or should be doing?

Let’s participate and work together, and hope.

Happy Easter!