wheel tax in our 2018 budget

At our last city council meeting on Nov 21, 2017, we passed the 2018 budget, which includes a local vehicle registration fee (aka “wheel tax”) for the first time.

There are differing opinions about if a wheel tax is a good idea, and I’ve been against it in the past. In this video, I answer several questions that I’ve received via email, and I share why I’m now in favor of the fee.

I also want to add a point that I didn’t mention in the video. In deciding to vote in favor of this new fee, I also considered a city services survey we conducted in 2014, where most respondents said that they’d be willing to pay higher property taxes in order to maintain existing important services. Here’s a snapshot from that survey:

Now, while this question from our survey does not exactly match up with our new vehicle registration fee, I believe it does fit the spirit of the question. Residents generally want to maintain or improve services, and are willing to pay a little extra to do that. And I happen to agree. In the above video, I explain my thoughts on taxes and fees that increase every year.

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