storm sewer work coming next week

Public Information MeetingOn Tuesday night, I attended a public information meeting at the Municipal Service Center (on 6th St). Though I attend many of these as your Alderman, I was at this one as a resident. The city will start work on my street next week, replacing old storm sewer pipes. The city picks up 80% of the cost of this work, while we homeowners pay the other 20%. They’ll also run a new lateral from that pipe in the street to each of our yards, and then a private contractor will hook up my sump pump to that lateral (which the homeowner has to pay 100%). I’ll no longer have to deal with that damn sump pump hose in my backyard!!

In all, this will cost me about $2,700. Ouch. I don’t know anyone who has $2,700 laying around for stuff like this, but the work is needed, and the cost distribution is fair. All of my neighbors were on board as well. I can’t wait for this to be done.