it’s been a busy weekend, and it’s only Saturday

Today was a pretty busy day, personally and in city work. The city is starting sewer work on our street next week, so I emailed a number of neighbors about the timing and getting together to connect our sump pumps to city sewer. We’re each going to have to pay our share of the assessment. It’s hard to come up with $2,000, but it’s fair and we’re all in it together.

I also received a couple of calls from neighbors who received my campaign card in the mail (there are 2,000 such cards out in the district now). This is awesome, as that’s the reason I included my phone number on the card. I was glad to answer their questions and talk about my past city work. In a local campaign like this, nothing beats personal conversations.

Another constituent called me about changes happening at our rubbish collection site on Sixth St. and some trouble he had dropping off rubbish. I’m not on the Board of Public Works, so I went over there this afternoon and talked to Darryl, the attendant. What a great guy. He’s been with the city 25 years and was very knowledgeable about the facility and department processes. So I called the constituent back and provided some info and perspective. While I spent a couple of hours on this issue today, it had nothing to do with my campaign. It’s a good sign that even though there’s an election coming up, regular daily city work continues, so I’m glad he called me. Also, in case you’re concerned, we’re just looking at ways to tighten the control of people dropping stuff off at the facility. Today, Darryl performed random address checks and turned away a number of residents from neighboring municipalities; I love this because De Pere taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill to handle rubbish for people who don’t live here. I’ll get more info and keep you all posted if permanent changes are made.

On a more personal note, it’s my daughter’s birthday, so I just had dinner with my family. With three adult daughters out making their way in the world, those minutes are precious to me. I love being at the dinner table together.

And if all that weren’t enough for one day, we’ll be at Easter Vigil Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes tonight. These last couple of days of the Triduum have been incredible for me. Good Friday service yesterday was moving as always. And after the Mass of the Holy Spirit on Holy Thursday night, my daughter and I went on a mini-pilgrimage with Bishop Ricken and others. We prayed in 7 different churches around the Green Bay area, finishing up at the Cathedral after midnight. I was a bit tired but it’s all so good.

I don’t normally share my daily schedule with you like this, but since it’s the weekend before the election, I just thought you might want to know what I’m up to. If you want to chat about anything in particular, be sure to give me a call or email me.