updated property assessments

If you own a home in De Pere, you probably received a “2018 Notice of Changed Assessment” in the mail recently. As overall property values go up in our community, our individual assessments increase along with that.

I’ve only received one question from a constituent about these assessments. Simply put, some people are concerned that if your assessment goes up, you’ll have to pay more in property taxes. Well, yeah, that stands to reason, though it’s not a guarantee as there are a number of factors that go into our property tax calculation.

The nice part about this whole process is that we’re all paying our fair share in taxes, which of course goes to support the operation of our city, county, and schools. That said, if you have any questions or concerns about your assessment, the letter contains all the contact info you need.

Tricia and I received our assessment, which went up 12.8% since the last one in 2016. We’re happy to pay our fair share.