small efforts to fight drug addiction matter

Five years ago, when I was working to repeal our emotional but misguided sex offender residency ordinance, Police Chief Beiderwieden told me that he wished people were more concerned about drugs than sex offenders. Drug addiction is a big problem that even small communities like us are facing, and I’m glad to see the problem getting some attention.

I’m pleased that Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel visited De Pere yesterday to share some news about statewide efforts to fight this problem. Here’s the message shared on the De Pere Police Dept Facebook page today:

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel visited the City of De Pere yesterday to discuss Wisconsin’s efforts in the fight against opioid addiction. He noted new guidelines pushing addicts into treatment and a prescription database that has paved the way for Wisconsin to be a national leader in the addiction battle. De Pere Police Chief Derek Beiderwieden also discussed local efforts the city has been making on this front.

Research has indicated that up to 70% of those using illegal drugs, such as heroin, started by becoming addicted to prescription medications, many by stealing medications or obtaining them through a friend. This is a serious problem in Wisconsin and one that needs to be dealt with starting on a local level.

The De Pere Police Department maintains a permanent prescription drug drop off site, where unused prescription drugs can be turned in safely and anonymously, eliminating the risk of these items falling into the wrong hands. Since the inception of the take-back program, the De Pere Police Department has collected nearly 2,000 pounds of unwanted medications. Please join me and take just a moment to clean out unwanted medications, even pet medications, from your drawers and cabinets and bring them to the police department. Together we can make a difference.

Collection hours in De Pere are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Chief Derek Beiderwieden

I had surgery a couple of years ago and had some left over prescription pain medication, so I dropped it off at the Police Dept last year. Please look around your house and do the same.

Here’s a story that WBAY Ch 2 ran about this issue on their news broadcast last night: