temporary stop sign on Grant St at Mid Valley Dr

The intersection of Main Ave at Lawrence Dr just closed on Monday, June 18, 2018 for the construction of a new roundabout. It’s expected to be closed for 60 days. Detour routes have been posted, and a new/temporary 4-way stop has been setup at the intersection of Grant St and Mid Valley Dr. This 4-way stop is necessary in order to control the significant increase in detour traffic.

It’s only been two days but I’ve already heard from a couple of residents about concerns with this 4-way stop. There is some concern over the safety, and that perhaps a flashing red light should be installed to be sure all drivers know about the new stop signs. I hadn’t driven through that intersection yet, so I just did so today. I’m very happy with the temporary setup. There is no way a driver approaching the intersection will not be aware of the stop sign.

I took these eastbound photos to illustrate:

As you approach the intersection, these are the warnings:

  1. An orange diamond sign advising you that a stop sign is ahead.
  2. Two orange flags on that diamond sign.
  3. A digital message board that says, “TEMPORARY STOP SIGN AHEAD”.
  4. At least 4 orange candlestick devices around the message board.
  5. Four large orange barrels at the intersection.
  6. Two orange flags on the stop sign.

Now, of course these devices provide no guarantee that someone will not run the stop sign, but if that should happen, it’s definitely because the driver wasn’t paying attention, and not because we didn’t put up enough warnings. The same devices exist in the westbound lane.

As for the other concerns I’ve heard, I’ll just simplify this. When you shut down a major intersection like Main and Lawrence, traffic is going to suck. There’s just no other way to put it. Is the above temporary 4-way stop sign perfect? Absolutely not. It can even cause traffic to backup into the adjacent roundabout. But it’s about the best we’ll get during these next two months of construction.

So, let’s all just use some common sense and deal with the headaches for a while. We’re all in this together. Plan for a few extra minutes on your drive, and if you can, just avoid these intersections.

UPDATE: 2018-06-30 Sat 2:30pm

It looks like the digital message board was only temporary; it’s gone now. But the other devices are still in place. I’ve driven through this intersection a number of times now, and it’s working well.

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  • Deb crabb

    I’m amazed at how smoothly it’s been going. As one who travels this corner multiple times of day, I’m happy about that. I think sometimes the lines get long going the other way tho I’ve seen…