a walkable city, behind the scenes

When you live in a walkable city, it’s not all nice strolls, safe travels, on smooth sidewalks. There’s also the dirty work required to keep it that way. Our city actively inspects sidewalks and requires homeowners to repair any unsafe slabs. Here’s how it works.

Each year, a staffer from the Department of Public Works visits all sidewalks in 1/8 of the city. When they see unsafe slabs of concrete (cracked, uneven, etc), they mark them and send a notice to the property owner. The property owner can then have it repaired or replaced on their own, or they can leave it and the city will do it and bill them. This means our sidewalks are inspected every 8 years.

Well, it’s been 8 years and this week, they’re on my street. So, these are some photos from my block.

I decided to allow the city’s contractor to replace mine. I haven’t received the bill yet, but I expect it won’t be more than a few hundred dollars.

So, consider this fair warning, if you’re buying a house in De Pere, you’ll need to do your fair share and keep your sidewalk safe.