not running for re-election

Hello neighbors, I have something important to tell you, so I’ll just get right to it. After much thought, reflection, and prayer, I’ve decided not to run for a 5th term on the City Council.

So, let me start with the logistics of it all. In the state of Wisconsin, all local elections are held the first Tuesday of April. In 2020, that’s April 7. So, working backwards from that date, all candidates for those offices must submit paperwork and ballot signatures to the city clerk by January 7, 2020 (always the first Tuesday of January). Therefore, continuing backwards on the calendar, there is always a beehive of activity in all local communities every December. This month is no exception.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I gave this much thought and just decided that four terms (8 years) is enough. Several people have asked me what next? Two even asked if I was running for Mayor (Mike Walsh has also decided not to run again, after serving for 24 years). No, I’m not running for Mayor.

The best reason I can offer is simple. I’ve got a number of things happening in my personal and professional lives that I want to focus on. That’s it. There is no single factor that drove my decision. I just have other things I want to spend my attention on, not the least of which is the fact that I’ll be a grandfather for the first time before Christmas.

Having said that, I must tell you that representing you on our City Council has been an honor and an incredible experience. I hope that one or more of you will decide to take the plunge and run for my seat. If you’re interested at all, just don’t forget the dates I provided here; time is of the essence. I’d love to offer any advice or assistance that you need. Perhaps we can have a cup of coffee soon. Just give me a call (920-550-1890).


  • Bridget O’Connor

    We are grateful for your service! You have been an outstanding council member, Scott. Job well done.!—Bridget O’Connor

  • Ed Baranowski

    Tough decision my friend and one that we now both have walked. Thank you for your service in local government. One of the most humbling walks I have ever done in my life. The folks in De Pere elected you as a person who made a difference in their everyday life. Reflect back on it and see the difference you made. It will make you smile.

    Ed Baranowski