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This is my first blog post related to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. School buildings (K-12 and higher ed) closed a couple of weeks ago, forcing alternate methods for students and teachers to finish out the semester. Businesses are closed, some directly caused by the Safer at Home order from the state, others due to indirect action (i.e. employees staying home

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new in-person absentee voting location

At tonight’s city council meeting we voted unanimously to allow residents to submit in-person absentee ballots at St. Norbert College. So, let me explain by starting with a little history. Our city is split into four quadrants, which means four aldermanic districts, which means four polling locations. St. Norbert College is in District 3. Wisconsin state law allows a college

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aquatic facilities referendum

Since we’re all talking about swimming pools these days and I’ve already written several articles on the topic, I figure I’ll now share some thoughts about the referendum that will be on our November 6 ballot. I’ll start by talking about how we got here. Decision To Rescind At our August 21, 2018 city council meeting, we decided to rescind

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