District Map

Here’s a Google map that shows District 3. If you live within the red area, you’re in my district:

The city of De Pere is divided into four aldermanic districts. All of us here in District 3 vote at the De Pere Community Center. Here’s a map of the entire city showing the four districts:

De Pere District Map

The east and west sides of town are basically split into north and south districts:

District 1: northeast, vote at First United Presyterian Church
District 2: southeast, vote at St. Francis Xavier Community Center
District 3: northwest, vote at De Pere Community Center
District 4: southwest, vote at St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Wisconsin Elections Commission also provides the My Vote Wisconsin web sie=te, which can be very helpful. You can simply enter your address to look up your polling location. You can also look up your own voting history.