What info can you share about our sex offender ordinance?

I’ve written a number of articles about sex offender residency issues. To get a good rundown of where we’re at, I suggest reading those articles, including “Our current sex offender residency ordinance” from 2012. I also want to draw your attention to my article “Registered sex offenders 100% compliance rate” from 2018. It’s one thing to have ideas and opinions about how things should work, but this update from our police chief shows the reality of how our ordinance is working six years later.

These days, many people simply want to know how many sex offenders we have living in De Pere. As part of our city council discussions, I’ve requested that the state make certain statistics available to any municipality who wants them. But they have yet to provide it, so I started tracking my own stats in the summer of 2014 (right after the state finally made their web site usable).

I take a snapshot of our current data many times each year. My source is the State of Wisconsin Sex Offender Residency web site. It’s important to understand that this data was current at one moment in time. It’s certainly possible that between my checks, the numbers increased or decreased. It’s also possible (and actually probable) that if you look at similar numbers from the press or even our police department, that they’ll differ (though probably not by much). It just depends on what date and time you check.

You should also note that many people who talk about the number of sex offenders in De Pere are actually telling you the number of sex offenders in the 54115 zip code. While this is indeed as granular as the state gets with their data, it’s just not practical for us to include figures from our neighbors where we have absolutely no control (Hobart, Lawrence, Ledgeview, Oneida, Rockland). I perform a deeper dive into the data, mapping out where each address is, so that I can accurately report on De Pere data only.

I have much much more data than this. But this table shows you the simple numbers.

Date Qty
2018 Apr 61
2018 Jan 62
2017 Oct 63
2017 Aug 61
2017 Apr 54
2017 Jan 52
2016 Oct 54
2016 Jul 51
2016 Apr 48
2016 Jan 45
2015 Oct 43
2015 Jul 44
2015 Apr 39
2015 Jan 36
2014 Oct 31