new in-person absentee voting location

At tonight’s city council meeting we voted unanimously to allow residents to submit in-person absentee ballots at St. Norbert College. So, let me explain by starting with a little history. Our city is split into four quadrants, which means four aldermanic districts, which means four polling locations. St. Norbert College is in District 3. Wisconsin state law allows a college

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it’s easy to vote

We occasionally see stories of citizens requesting new/adjusted resources to make voting easier. Some UWGB college students have said that current options hinder the ability of young Americans to express their right to vote. A number of years ago, there was also an effort to bring a polling location to the St. Norbert College campus to make it more convenient

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you did it!

The unofficial results are in, and you did it: BOB HEUVELMANS. . . . 402 48.26% SCOTT M. CREVIER . . . 430 51.62% WRITE-IN. . . . . . 1 .12% I can’t thank you enough for your support and your show of confidence in me. I’m told the numbers won’t be official until final counts next week (which

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